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Infrastructure & Facilities

Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing Unit
Our most important work place is our manufacturing unit, currently we have two manufacturing units in Ludhiana Industrial area C And secon one is Gill Road, Miller ganj, Ludhiana. we believe in the japanese & Indian system of constant improvement and have hence forth made efforts to increase our production over the last few years.

UNITAreaBuilt upWorkersPower connectionCapacity
UNIT 1500 Square meters1500 sq. feet20-3564 KW22 tons a month
UNIT 2100 Square meters35000 sq. feet8810 KW18 tons a month

We have a strong dedicated work force of over 37 people and they along with our managerial staff, quality control people and supervisors work round the clock to ensure that our customers get their products at the right time and at the right quality they require.

We have in house all type of Rolling machine, Automatic Turning machine, Automatic Grinding machine, Header machine, Drilling machine and all other facilities which are required to ensure that we do the job right and on time.

At Bigboltnut we do 100% process from raw material identification, machining, thread rolling, inspection and packing on our stainless steel ( SS ) , alloy steel and carbon steel Rack screw bolts and nuts and Full threaded rods/ Bras. We have all the facility for Rolling on bolts, manufacturer, Rack bolt , U bolt, J bolt, Sprinkler clamp, Bidet bolt, Dowel screw , Double ned threaded studs, manufacturer all in our own factory in India. At present we have 2 manufacturing facilities in Ludhiana in India where we employ over 40 people from production marketing and quality control who work 24 hours a day to ensure that the production is running as per customer satisfaction.

Our Machinery

Our Machinery

The most important step of making bolts is always the threads, at Threaded bars we emphasise greatly on providing our customers the perfect threads which are again controlled in our QC process by Go and NOGO Gauges.

Ever since we started manufacturing bolts we have always used thread rolling technology to make threads on our bolts and sockets, thread rolling is a better and much more effective way of performing threads on a bolt as compared to thread cutting, the advantage of thread rolling over thread cutting are tremedous, with thread rolling you get perfect fibre lines and unbroken fibres on the steel and when thread rolling is done after heat treatment they provide much more stronger threads as compared to thread rolling done before heat treatment.

When perfect pitch diameter is maintained on the bolts surface with the help of CNC machining and centerless grinding, consistant threads with perfect GO and NOGO fitment are assured repeatedly. As a quality asurance plan we offer our customers with 100% checks for GO and NOGO during manufacturing process which is monitored by our QC and also in final inspection just before packaging.

Big Threaded bar and Bidet bolt/Rack bolt does 100% thread rolling on all our carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel hex bolts, hex screws and nuts. We are also one of the few companies in India which can do thread rolling on bolts after heat treatment, the advantage of doing thread rolling after heat treatment is that it improves the fatigue strength of the bolt and gives a longer life and performance of the bolt. We are at the future having in our factory 3 thread rolling machines of different capacity to do thread rolling on bolts upto 120 mm diameter. We also do thread rolling on all foundation bolts and anchor bolts manufactured by us.

Infrastructure & Manufacturing Facilities

Infrastructure & Manufacturing Facilities

About Us

Singla Tractors was established in the year 1999 and caters to the requirements of wide spectrum of industries. Location in Ludhiana, Punjab (India), we have a state of the art manufacturing and testing of all material from outside of laboratory for manufacturing of steel fasteners.


Singla Tractors has a widely knowledgeable management team with over 25 years of industries experience. We have regular availability of High Tensile fasteners, Rack screw bolts, Rag Bolt, Hunger Bolt, Wall Hung Screw, Wash Basin Screw, Coach Screw, Foundation Bolt, Bidet/Cheera Bolts, Full Threaded Rods, Stud Bars, Urinal Brackets, Pipe Clamps, Nyloc Nuts, Screws, Plan Washers, Square Washers, Hexagonal Nuts, Spring Washers, Coach screw, Nylon Wall olug screw, Sprinkler clamp, Pipe Hook, U bolt, J bolt, Saddle clamp, and a range of other fastener products.

Our Business philosophy is to hold a large variety of stock of standardized items in order to help reduce our client’s inventory levels; we strive to constantly increase our stock range, but place product competence above range of sizes. We believe that this competence is a prerequisite to being a successful strategic partner to our customers. Whist quality of product has always been our number one priority it is the service that we offer is the backbone of our business. We never lose our focus on our client’s requirements, no matter how small.

We Singla tractors believe in working hand with our customers. Our scope of products/business is not limited by any boundaries. We procure and supply our goods globally, to/from developed and developing countries. With years of specialized of importing and exporting fasteners around the world we are happy to help our entire client’s find the appropriate items for their many endeavours.

Singla Tractors is an ISO 9011:2015 certified company.